An understanding of assisted suicide

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The Positive Aspects of Physician Assisted Suicide

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Judge’s ruling in assisted suicide case divides South Africa

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Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide & Health Care Decisions – Part 1

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Physician-assisted Suicide: The Wrong Approach to End of Life Care

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What are euthanasia and assisted suicide?

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Suicide Rates by Age. Inthe highest suicide rate () was among adults between 45 and 54 years of age.

Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide in Australia

The second highest rate () occurred in those 85 years or older. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Updates on euthanasia and assisted suicide-Campaigns against Physician-Assisted Suicide-CCCB statements-Other statements by Bishops or Regional Episcopal Assemblies-Bill C statements and letters by the Dioceses and Eparchies-Resources by the Assembly of Quebec Catholic Bishops-Resources for the parishes in the Dioceses and Eparchies-Links to specific resources from the.

The Alvarez Family Story Sylvia and Serena Alvarez share the inspiring story of Deacon Sal Alvarez--how he fought for justice throughout his life, working for farmers' rights, advocating for access to health care for Latinos, and, near the end of his life, fighting against assisted suicide.

"Understanding Assisted Suicide" recounts the author's intellectual journey following the deaths of his parents. His father, who died first, asked his children for help in ending his struggle against advanced pancreatic cancer.5/5(2).

Oregon. The state of Oregon has had a physician-assisted suicide law since which was implemented in Since then more than terminally ill people have taken advantage of it to hasten their deaths. Read the full details here. Washington.

An understanding of assisted suicide
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Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide & Health Care Decisions – Part 1 | Patients Rights Council