Guidelines for bias-free writing a cover

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Guidelines for bias-free writing

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Get this from a library! Guidelines for bias-free writing. [Marilyn Schwartz; Association of American University Presses. Task Force on Bias-Free Language.].

Always use bias-free language. Use words and phrases that don’t discriminate on the basis of gender, physical condition, age, or race.

Use words and phrases that don’t discriminate on the basis of gender, physical condition, age, or race. The pharisaical, malefic, and incogitant Guidelines for Bias-Free Writing is a product of the pointy-headed wowsers at the Association of American University Presses who established a Task Force on Bias-Free Language filled with cranks.

How to welcome everyone to your website through your language.

“Use Respectful, Bias-Free Language” - The APA manual outlines important guidelines and specific examples for avoiding bias with respect to gender, race, disabilities, and more.

UNESCO’s Guidelines on Gender-Neutral Language [pdf]. Bias-Free Language. Introduction; General recommendations; A list of terms with suggested substitutions; Links "Bias-free language means using terms that treat people with respect.

Guidelines for bias-free writing a cover
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