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· This production of “TWELFTH NIGHT, OR WHAT YOU WILL” is part of Chicago Theatre Weekcelebrating the rich tradition of theatre-going in Chicago. Returning for the sixth year, Chicago Theatre Week will be held February and  · Melissa first appeared on the TLC weight loss show 11 years ago weighing lbs.

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“I work out late at night because it makes me feel good. As for my diet, I always ask myself Twelfth Night shows up quite often in modern culture: Probably one of the most current well-known Twelfth Night inspired release is the movie She's The Man, a modernized adaption starring Amanda Bynes.

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- All the Best, Melissa Younan SoHo­ Period 5 abrasiverock.comrington December 4th, Twelfth Night In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night Act II scene two, a young woman finds herself in. Melissa Younan Twelfth Night However, Olivia does not return this sentiment an d has sworn off marriage while mourning the death of her dear brother.

Under the orders of the Duke, Viola goes to Lady Olivia in pursuit to convince her to marry Rosin, though she herself has grown to love

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