Scholastic art and writing awards categories for teachers

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2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

WORD is a triannual magazine that includes articles on the craft and business of writing, topical issues, interviews, and more. We are seeking submissions of articles words in length for our Winter issue. The Muse Writers Center has many teachers who are professional writers, published in poetry, fiction, plays, screenplays, and nonfiction.

Student exhibition opportunities. Hawaii Regional Scholastic Art Awards The Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards is the longest-running, largest and most prestigious student recognition program in the United States.

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Founded in by Maurice R. Robinson, The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, administered by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, have motivated more than 13 million students, recognized more than 9 million young artists and writers, and provided more than $25 million in awards and scholarships.

This article contains a comprehensive list of local, national and international high school Art competitions for students aged 13–18 years. It is regularly updated with painting, drawing, design, sculpture, video, architecture and fashion design competitions from around the world and focuses on those that offer significant prizes, fame or glory.

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards recognize student achievement in the visual and literary arts in 29 categories, including editorial cartoon, poetry, graphic design, fashion, science fiction, video game design and more.

Scholastic art and writing awards categories for teachers
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