Why students tend to slack off

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Procrastination Statistics Show Procrastination is Increasing

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Things I don’t Understand about Japan: the Structure of College Classes

Although majority of the students tend to view homework negatively, there are prominent reasons why teachers assign homework despite protests from students, concerned parents and irrational researchers.

Dec 14,  · Students who tend to slack off have to at least write down the work that others in their group are doing. Not ideal, but it's better than spacing out. Have the trashketball basket set up. There may be some self selection at work, i.e., students who choose to major in philosophy may tend to be students who would do well on standardized tests regardless of their major choice.) Give Yourself an Edge in the Job Market.

Those enrolled at universities (where students are a common source of study subjects for researchers) tend to have lower GPAs and skip more classes than their more precise peers, a recent study. Twentysomethings slack off more than older workers, according to a new survey.

By Liz Webber The average employee wastes about 20 percent of the workday, with young people the most likely to be.

Many teachers are sometimes choose everyone who sits in the back for the simple fact many know those students are the easiest to slack off.I also believe if you hang out with positive high performing students they will rub off on you and motivate you to perform up to their level.

Why students tend to slack off
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